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Pediatric and Adolescent Sports Medicine


Physical activity is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle for your child, though injuries during sports may occur. Trained in the most up-to-date care of pediatric and adolescent sports injuries, Dr. Nielson is the sole pediatric orthopedic sports medicine specialist and leads the Las Vegas valley in the treatment of acute and overuse injuries in young athletes as population and participation in youth sports continues to grow.

Clubfeet and Foot Deformity


Clubfoot describes a range of foot abnormalities that may present at birth. Orthopedic specialists are trained in both conservative and surgical measures for treating these conditions, based upon the severity. Dr. Ryan uses the Ponseti casting technique for clubfoot treatment, avoiding extensive traditional surgery in most cases, and improving long-term outcomes.  We also treat a range of other foot conditions.

Nonsurgical Treatment


While our physicians are experienced in current surgical techniques, we work to achieve positive outcomes for our patients when medically appropriate through non-surgical means. Many conditions that we treat do not require surgery; for others, surgery may be recommended only if an appropriate course of nonsurgical measures has failed. Our providers work to discuss with you the pros and cons of various treatment options to provide  individualized care for your child.

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