Success Story

Dear Dr. Camp,

I need to take a moment to thank you, and not just for being a great orthopedic surgeon and doing a successful surgical procedure on my daughter...In this internet day and age, I knew your capabilities by my second visit to your office.

Thank you for making the two year, emotional decision-making experience of "putting your baby under the knife" as informative and up to the medical-science-moment as possible. Thank you for always making me feel like you had all the time in the world to address my every concern, even when your waiting room was 'standing-room only'. Thank you for encouraging second opinions or even third and fourth if that was what made me more comfortable...In other words: thank you for realizing your patient is not just the one on the table! I never realized that before; we have been a family blessed with good health and never even a broken bone!

Your commitment to excellence is even reflected in the care your associate Bert Takes when he returns calls immediately,listens carefully to the concern, repeats the concern...assuring you he understood,validates your concerns, and remedies it! All the while never forgetting the pleasantries of good telephone etiquette and niceties! And I bet out of the multitudes of calls he takes a day , rarely is anyones hair on fire, yet never were my concerns trivialized! It was amazing how the simple "Bert said..." put in front of a sentence makes teenagers comply!!

From the shocking diagnosis,thru our denial, our anger, our guilt,our fear, to the skillful procedure and the meticulous, caring follow up...You, your associates, and the people of your office have been wonderful!

Six weeks post...Lauren is swimming, dancing at social events, and studying biomed engineering 2700 miles away!! And ya know what?? Her back is BEAUTIFUL!! And nothing physically hurts anymore or psychologically hurts for that matter as you even made it a point to prepare Lauren for the post operative/post medication, emotional blues at the exact moment of onset while she was still hospitalized! VERY COOL!

We made a great decision to have this surgery for our daughter. Thanks for helping to make a hard decision easier and performing all the rest so perfectly!

Respectfully, Chris







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