At Children's Bone & Spine Surgery, our Physicians are skilled in the latest advances in treatment including:
Scoliosis: As a member of the Scoliosis Research Society (SRS) in Nevada, Dr. Camp is committed to the safest and most advanced techniques of scoliosis treatment. Advanced night-time bracing techniques are used for smaller curves. When surgery is necessary for large curves, up-to-date, safe and effective techniques are used.

Cerebral Palsy: A pediatric spasticity clinic has been established using a multi-specialty approach to cerebral palsy care. Attending the clinics are pediatric physical therapists, brace makers, surgeons, and specialists trained in Botox injections for spasticity treatment.

Clubfeet: Dr. Camp, Dr. Stewart uses the Ponseti casting technique for clubfoot treatment. This avoids extensive traditional surgery in most cases with improved long-term outcomes.

Sports Injuries: Due to the vast increase in the population of the area and the increased sports participation of children, Dr. Camp has recruited Dr. Nielson to help in the treatment of acute and overuse injuries in children. Dr. Nielson is trained in the most current care of pediatric sports injuries of all kinds. He uses minimally invasive surgical techniques (joint arthroscopy) to treat injuries of the shoulder, hip, elbow, knee and ankle joints.

Trauma: Dr. Stewart has extensive experience in pediatric orthopedic trauma. He has taken transfers of complex orthopedic injuries from across the Los Angeles area.


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