Sports Injuries

Understanding Sports Injuries in Children

The value of having kids participate in sports is undeniable. Sports keep kids active, improve eye-hand coordination and teach valuable life lessons about teamwork and sportsmanship. But unfortunately whether we are talking about rollerblading or organized team athletics such as soccer or football – all sports come with the potential risk of injury.

Specialists in pediatric orthopedics and sports injuries in children such as those at Children's Bone & Spine Surgery of Nevada, say by understanding the most common causes of sports injuries you can take measures to prevent them.

Young children especially those less then eight years of age are more prone to sports injuries than teens or adults simply because they are less coordinated and have slower reactions than their elder counterparts. Furthermore Pediatric Orthopedists who specialize in sports injuries in children point out that children grow and mature at different rates. This means that out in the playground or on the ball-field boys and girls of the same age, but sometimes significantly different heights and weights, are all playing together – which is a recipe for injury. And of course as kids grow bigger and stronger the potential for sport injuries increases proportionally. Two 50- 60 pound 8-year-old “pee-wee” football players can collide full-throttle into one an other and likely do very little more than knock the wind out of one another. But take that same collision by two 150 –200 pound 16-year-old high scholars and the force is increased many fold, and injury far more likely to occur.

Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeons recommend several ways to prevent or minimize sports related injuries in kids.

  • Use Proper Protective Gear – The importance of protective equipment cannot be overstated. That means helmets for biking, skating, football and baseball. Protective equipment must fit properly to do what it is supposed to do. Your child’s coach should be able to advise you of all the necessary protective equipment for a given sport.
  • Adult Supervision – Whether an organized team sport or just outdoor play – no child’s athletic activity should occur without adequate adult supervision. Before signing your child up for any team activity check with the staffs’ training in safety and first aid.
  • Proper Maintenance of Playing Fields – Poorly maintained surfaces are a common cause for a trip or a stumble that can cause a sports injury in kids. Be sure your children only play on surfaces that are properly maintained.

Beside acute injuries caused by the trauma of a fall or collision, most sports injuries among children are what Pediatric Orthopedists refer to as “Overuse Injuries”, which include:
Anterior knee pain

  • Little League elbow
  • Swimmer's shoulder
  • Shin splints
  • Spondylolysis: a back injury that is the result of repetitive flexing, twisting and over-extension of the back muscles

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