At Children's Bone & Spine Surgery, our multidisciplinary approach to pediatric orthopedics specializes in leading edge surgical and non-surgical treatments for the common and uncommon pediatric orthopedic problems including:

Pediatric Spine Deformity & Scoliosis:
Spinal deformity and scoliosis or curvature of the spine can be common in children, and scary for parents. Dr. Jonathan Camp is specialty trained.

Fracture Care :
The importance of having a child with a broken bone treated by a specialist in pediatric orthopedics cannot be overstated. Improperly managed growth plate fractures in children can interfere with the future growth of that bone. Our specialists can help prevent future complications and the potential need for additional treatment for that child.

Sports Injuries: All sports come with the potential risk of injury. Education is a parent's most powerful tool for the prevention of sports injuries. As specialists in Pediatric and Adolecent Sports Medicine, Dr. Jason Nielson can provide you with the best information to help your kids participate in sports safely and responsibly, and provide the very best in treatment should an injury occur.

Hip Reconstruction: Hip Reconstruction is often thought of as a procedure performed only on adults. However, there are a number of conditions including congenital Hip Dysplasia that can require extreme reconstruction in children.

Club Feet:
The unmistakable characteristic of the clubfoot is the foot appears to be turned sideways. In extreme cases, it may even appear upside down so it looks like the top of the foot is where the bottom should be. Dr. David Stewart and Dr. Jonathan Camp of Children's Bone & Spine Surgery are recognized experts in the surgical and non-surgical treatments of clubfeet.

Cerebral Palsy: Here at Children's Bone & Spine Surgery we specialize in correcting malformed bones and joints of children. Therefore, we are uniquely qualified to offer great hope to parents of children with these deformities that are so often the result of Cerebral Palsy and other neurologic conditions.


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